Stretch Your Ear Lobes by Using Silicon Ear Plugs

May 23, 2017

These days, people use silicon ear plugs of different sizes while stretching their ear. Whether you are male or female, Hollywood celebrity or a pop star, everyone go for best ear stretcher and make their style statement. Using silicon ear plug will not only be safe, but also a way to make your style statement.

You can get silicon ear plug with many designs

You can buy hollow tunnel shaped silicon air plug, which is composed of surgical steel and they are medically certified for no adverse reaction on human body. There are many different designs available, which are created by artists and craftsmen.

Some of these ear plugs gauges are designed with colorful gems and diamonds, and they look very sexy when they glitter. Women particularly are more fascinated about wearing these types of jewelry, because thy go well with both, formal and casual dressing.

These silicon ear plugs are painless to wear and they give you a very stylish look. It is light in weight, which is why you will be comfortable while wearing them. As compared to other piercing jewelry, it is much softer. You can safely wear them, whether you are bathing, swimming, playing or sleeping.

Maintain your healthy skin

These silicon ear plugs are quite safe for those whose skin is too sensitive and are little apprehensive about hurting the ear lobes. By putting certain lubricants, you can further calm your skin. In order to heal your ear skin faster, you can use this so that it does not get infected. Also, you can show your beauty and personality by using these silicon ear plugs. You can also choose multicolor ear plug to match with your dress.

What are the advantages of silicon air plugs?

  • Silicon ear plugs are the safest option for your ears as your skin will not be infected and neither there will be any feeling of irritation in your ears.
  • It is much easier to insert in your ears and also remove them whenever you like
  • It gives very attractive look as there are different options of bright colors.
  • You are free to stretch your ears as much as you want