The difference between online and direct booking of travel tickets

By on May 19, 2017

No denying, travelling by bus from Singapore to Ipoh is the best way compared to all the other possible means of transportation. With regards travelling, you have two possible ways to purchase the tickets for your upcoming journey. Either you need to visit a booking office to get them directly from a booking clerk or you can perform this action in the comfort of your home.

Most visitors and tourists prefer travelling on bus

There’s a far cry between online booking and direct booking of the tickets. Most visitors and tourists prefer travelling on a bus from Singapore to Ipoh that means there’s something in! After the foundation of Easy Book platform, performing journeys has become easier than ever before.

The benefit of online tickets

The benefit of online tickets is that you are able to save not only the money you pay to get to a booking office and the time it takes you to reach there. Thus, you get the best of both worlds or it is like killing two birds with one stone.

A number of exciting destinations are on offer

A number of exciting destinations are on offer regardless of the fact that where you alight the bus. The fact is that the ride must be comfortable otherwise you should get ready for a poor travelling experience.

All the rides are well facilitated and safe

All the rides are well facilitated and safe whether you are alone or with your family or friends. Appropriate the safety measures have been taken into account. Let’s now come to an important question.

Why cover the distance on the bus from Singapore to Ipoh?

Why cover the distance on the bus from Singapore to Ipoh in the presence of other modes of transportation? Paper tickets are physical items so you need to be present at coach counters to get that object. On the other hand, you can get an e-ticket through your valid email address. On the top of that, the buying process is an absolute breeze.

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Convenience of booking bus tickets online

By on May 2, 2017

In many countries that are still developing, travel in a bus is one of the most affordable and convenient transportation means. In Malaysia and Singapore, biggertowns, tourist places as well as the rural areas are connected through dissimilar bus routes. Both state road transportation department and private companies are serving such routes transporting a huge number of passengers regularly. In Genting Highlands alone, which is one of the famous states in Singapore, the state road transportation has in its fleet or around 18000+ buses.

Benefits of traveling in a bus: There’s a wide choice available for types of buses, servicing such routes such as Deluxe, Sleeper, Semi-deluxe, General, Luxury, Volvo AC,etc., to meet lowas well as high-end budget. Furthermore, traveling in a bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands is most suitable when compared to railways with numerous destination/boarding points even in thedifferent type of remote areas.

Bus travel isn’t just economical when associatedwith traveling in a personal vehicle; it’s a good for thegreenerenvironmentbecause of less traffic, fuel consumption along with less pollution. There are few other advantages as well. You get to meet people, try to make new friends, experience these along the roadside, may check out suburban areas along with the towns along its way, interact and observe with numerous social groups with which you may otherwise have direct contact with etc.

Purchase bus tickets: However, the major thing for taking abus from Singapore to Genting Highlandsis purchasing bus tickets. You have to search and then find a travel agent in your own area, try to look for available discounts, meet or talk to an individual and pay commission to purchase the ticket for thedesired date. A not so promising second alternative is to properly go for the bus depot, stand in longer queues at ticket counters and purchase aticket. So, if you are planning to travel bybus from Singapore to Genting Highlands, you can look for online ticketing portal and get assistance from there without stepping out from your home.

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Traveling by Train or Bus

By on May 1, 2017

Traveling to a chosen destination could be as much a part of theenjoyment of a trip toits destination. Of course, the travel enjoyment completely depends on the cost, time and traveling mode. For those who want a relaxed trip without the tension of highways or airports, acouple of substitute methods isthe train and Transtar bus.

TranstarBuses have also become more famous as a traveling means. Besides as a comfortable travel mode than any other traveling modes, buses pass through a huge number of cities so a type of bus terminal is relatively closer than an airport. Newbuses with roomier aisles and seats let the passengers relax and enjoy scenery whereas being assured that they would be traveling in a nature-friendly manner. Amenities like outlets for charging your mobile phones and others things have also been added in coming type of buses so a traveler can enjoy the travel like he never did before.

TranstarBuses have also been environmentally friendly and re-engineered by reducing CO2 emissions almost threefold. Bus fare could be economical as compare to airfare, but schedule dates and distance are the few of the determining factors. If a trip could be scheduled adequately far in advance, traveling by air is seems less expensive. However, terminals don’t need the timeand security precautions which are now obligatory at different commercial airports. The fees and restrictions for baggage are also significantly less on buses than airlines, and there are some prohibitions of bringing liquid on different luxury buses.

Trains also experienced a revival of fame as a means of traveling to long distance places, specifically with long security restrictions and lines at airports. Trains could be one of the comfortable ways to travel to a chosen destination where one wants to go in order to enjoy their holiday with family and friends. Overnight trains boast service dining vehicleswith china and silverware, in addition to bedroom suites complete with private linen service, bath and personal service, and daily newspaper. Also, meals for different times are also included in fare for travel through overnight basis.

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Bus Travel – Comfortable and Cheap

By on April 26, 2017

The holidays are a thing in our life that we forgot either with bad/good memories. A holiday that doesn’t assist you to take a break from daily stressful life isn’t a holiday at all. When you are about to take holiday, it is the time that you should do whatever you are planning to so that you can have a reliable and good holiday session. Holiday is directly dependent on your planning to manage your travel plan. You should try to do the booking in advance so that you can enjoy a worry-free traveling between places. In that case, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Now the second question is that what would an ideal way to travel to your destination cheaply and without invest a huge portion from your traveling budget. This question requires proper observation over all transportation techniques and methods and after a brief comparison you’ll find out that answer to such question is no doubt a bus tour that you can book from Bus tours are an amazing to experience and such type of transportation method doesn’t have any downsides which might spoil the vacation.

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Book your bus travel trip

By on April 23, 2017

When it is about booking travel trip online there is a thing that you should consider before paying or booking for your online booking from Singapore to Genting. Not numerous individual will go out of the way to ensure that they’re getting the best travel trip experience by doing online booking at a particular website. That’s this article is being written with a plethora of research and spent an adequate amount of time looking at all available online ticket booking services and have mentioned in it so you won’t have to do that extensive search again and again.

No longer will you have to be bound to a particular website that provides you access to a particular destination or only offering you access to an exclusive bus company. Service is easy-to-use and lets you search and compare the ticket fares instantly on same web page. You’ll be able to travel anywhere in whole US, Asia and Europe. They have a committed customer service line and they also have a secured online system in place and that is no other than Easy Book.

You’ll be capable of getting cost information about your travel trip in very easy steps. You’ll be able to make a proper decision based on the math. Easy Book provides comprehensive vacation packages for you to travel through the world. It makes ideal sense for you to see all such famous sightseeing places that you’ve seen or read about in magazines in movies.

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Advantages of traveling in a bus

By on April 17, 2017

Coaches and buses leave you at your desired destination, while planes and trains take you only to nearest airport or station. If you are planning to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus that traveling by bus is an ideal traveling mode for not because it is economical but also because it will leave in the town center so you won’t face any trouble reaching your home or destination where you are planning to reach. Buses provide the essential flexibility in case you need to change an itinerary during your journey. Coaches provide the possibility of traveling together with a group of family, colleagues, friends, despite their number.

Traveling in a bus is full of enjoyment and you won’t have to stand in the long queue for your security checkup. People who travel by plane waste very much time by standing in the security check, then luggage checking stop and then wait for the plane to arrive, wait for the cleaning of plane and much more and that’s why if you are traveling to shorter distance such as Singapore to Kuala Lumpur bus then you can choose bus as your traveling mode.

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The benefits of riding in a bus

By on April 6, 2017

There are different types of societal benefits. Riding transit means one less car on a road. If an additional number of individual took transit, even just for one single day a week, there’d be fewer cars on a road, thus reduced stress for drivers because of less traffic on the road. The drop in stress will also help to enjoy the travel experience and make it a fun job rather than a hectic job in which driver has to keep pushing accelerator and clutch.Additionally, public transportation corridors and access are natural focal points for social and economic activities. Such activities assist create strong neighborhood centers which are economically safe, stable and productive. A number of studies have also provided that an ability to travel conveniently in the area by traveling in a vehicle through without a car is a significant component of a livability of a community. Public transportation offers opportunity, choice, access, and freedom, all of which contribute to better quality of life.

There are obvious environmental advantages. By relying on the different type of public transportation you might play a role in the green environment and promote cleaner air cause, the opposite of which can exacerbate respiratory illness and smog for the people. For every kilometer traveled, lesser pollutants are released by a different type of transit vehicles through by a passenger personal vehicle (buses also emit eighty percent less carbon monoxide than an ordinary vehicle). Looking for public transit for two days out of 5 would cut the emissions of greenhouse gas by twenty-five percent. Public transit can help to create less pollution and noise and lowers demands for parking.

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Do you have an idea how to perfect your journey from Konsortium?

By on April 5, 2017

You are being introduced to a well organized and well-recognized traveling agency in Konsotium Singapore. This is the company that is responsible for bringing a revolution in luxury and affordability. You can evaluate its supremacy from so many things, some of them are below.

Konsortium Singapore is a member of EBBA and NATAS. There’s no doubt about the fact that people really trust this coach service because they are provided with all the facilities they are able to get at their own house.

Konsortium Singapore covers over 100 routes and therefore, you can easily choose your preferred landing and picking stations. All the seats are comfy and spacious so that you don’t feel any sort of discomfort during the course of action. As far fairs, they are too quite reasonable. What can you expect more from a good service like this one?

If you have a good enough time for your personal interest or if you are a professional or official tourist, you are advised to visit our main site to go through the informative content. Departures are made on a daily basis across Peninsular of Singapore or Malaysia.

Apart from the usual bus service, Konsortium Singapore also offers tour packages especially when you need the entire bus as college tours, school picnics, friendly visit to somewhere etc. If you are going on a honeymoon, you can find the details separately by calling us on the phone on the numbers given on our site.

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Few travel gadgets that one must have while traveling

By on March 18, 2017

Visas, money and physical fitness are not sufficient for a good trip. In a modern era, travel gadgets are an important thing as well! Here’s a list of few should have travel gadgets while traveling in a bus by Transtar Travel.

  • Travel Pillow

It’s one of the things that you should have it while traveling on a bus, plane or a train. Pillows provided by airlines are quite slippery and thin. It is harder to set one in an appropriate position. And you do not even start relaxing when it slips down and struggle begins anew. Best thing to do is bring travel pillow. Since it goes around the neck, it’ll not fall off. Plus you can also rest the neck comfortably on either side. Now you can also spend more than half a journey taking a very pleasant nap. Even if you need to spend the whole journey watching movies, you will not get any cramps in the neck!

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Amazingly modern transnational bus service!

By on March 2, 2017

Transnational bus through Easy Book will take you out of your country to another destination abroad in a way that you will forget the comfort that you have ever experienced in any other transportation mode in your life. This is because you will go ahead in a way that when you will reach your destination you will be as fresh as you were at the time of getting into it. There will be no dust effects on your eyes as most Asian countries are not as clean in the atmosphere as the country of other continents.

Credit should be given where it is due. Easy Book has really done wonders by providing such an amazingly modern transnational bus service at quite affordable rates. You don’t need to go anywhere in the presence of Easy Book like online ticket platforms that allow you to book your travel for transnational buses that guarantee you a comfortable travel with the best hosting service in Asia in a way that you feel as if you are sitting in your home.

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