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I was just recalling the day a few years ago that my cousin came from Illinois to visit my family in Florida. She comes pretty much on a regular basis and she and I make it a “girls” day. Shopping, movie and lunch or breakfast or maybe both. On this particular day, we took a drive along Clearwater Beach just to take in the scenery. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were both in high spirits, enjoying each others company, as we always do. Along the way we saw many out of town license plates and the beach was loaded with sunbathers and swimmers. We were commenting on how nice a day it was and how happy those beach lovers looked. As we kept riding on our merry way, suddenly traffic seemed to be backing up and causing a delay on the road. We both just took a deep breath and resigned ourselves to running a little behind schedule. It wasn’t like we had a time conflict because we were, after all, just heading to see a movie (I can’t recall the name at this moment) so we could easily adjust to the circumstances. Just when the road jam was starting to clear up, we were finally able to establish what the holdup was. Some poor soul veered off of the road and got stuck in the sand and fellow motorists were jumping out of their vehicles and attempting to pull the guy’s car out while in the meantime waiting for a rescue truck to arrive on the scene. My cousin and I uttered thanks to the powers above that it wasn’t us caught in the lurch. We continued on our way, hoping to salvage the day and made it safely to Clearwater Mall, relieved and ready to see that flick but since it was already halfway through, we decided to grab some food at the Mall. Ironically, in our haste to get to the movie, I unknowingly parked in a no parking zone and when we walked out to the parking lot, we were just in time to catch the Towing Service Clearwater truck that was just about to take my car away. With a little begging and pleading, I was able to talk the driver out of removing my car but was issued a citation for illegal parking. It was, indeed, a strange turn of events considering that we had been a bit judgmental about the driver who ended up in sand (he should have been watching the road more carefully was our criticism.) Well, the tables were turned on us that day as we should also have been paying attention to where we parked. Lesson learned: don’t be so quick to judge others when you don’t know the reality of their circumstances.

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