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Not only am I Grandma, I’m also Great Grandma (known as Gigi) and have been invited to and attended many celebrations for my three great grandchildren on each of their birthdays. One of the first parties that I went to was a bit of an eye opener for me. When I arrived at the event for my great grandson who had just turned three, the sight of a large inflatable “house” took me by surprise. When I asked my granddaughter what it was, she told me it was a Bounce House Rental St. Pete. I soon learned that these “rides” were all the rage these days and renting them was less of a hassle than having a party at home. As I settled down onto a park bench, I began to see how much fun the little ones were having and thought that it might have been nice had my generation had the opportunity to rent something like that for our own kids. On the other hand, I rather liked the old fashioned party events that my my parents put on for me and the way my husband and I kept the tradition going for our youngsters. A typical house party consisted of ice cream and cake and sometimes was more elaborate with hot dogs and chips being served.

Games, such as hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey, don’t spill the beans, musical chairs and clothespins in the bottle made the celebrations exciting and fun and prizes were awarded to the game winners. Balloons and streamers adorned the house and party favors… little bags of goodies…were handed out to each guest to take home. Of course there were the silly party hats and squeaky paper horns to add to the scene. In some ways, I sort of miss the old traditions but have to admit that the younger generation has stepped it up a notch or two and at the same time they have given the bounce house rental business a boost!


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