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Memories often creep up on me when I least expect it. Looking through a photo album or going to a place in Tampa that I visited long ago will stir my brain and remind me of past events, some good and some not so good…I prefer to concentrate on the good, such as moments spent with loved ones.


I still remember my parents taking me to the zoo every summer and the movies that actually had stage shows way back when (yes, I’m that old.) Shopping with my Mom on Saturdays and having lunch with her was one of the highlights of my week. Of course family times with my husband and kids will always be a big part of my memories.


Times with my kids: bedtime stories, night time snacks, days in the park, rides on the swing, cuddles on my lap, kids in pajamas at the drive-in show on Saturday nights, bowling and tennis, long chats and walks and luncheons.


Times with my grandchildren: Chuck E. Cheese, Celebration Station, Wooden Park, Disney World and Epcot, movies, overnighters with homemade tents and pizza. I sometimes miss those days when the grandkids couldn’t wait to spend time with me and Grandpa and those precious moments when they would run into our arms and give big hugs “just because.”


I think it’s wonderful to look back and recall all the good times!


Though I enjoy the memories, of course, now that all are grown up it wouldn’t have been practical to hang onto all of the toys that used to fill up my house, so with mixed feelings, I turned them over to Junk Removal Tampa. My hope is that some may have been in good enough condition to be donated to other people’s children and grandchildren! On the other side of the coin, however, I’m thinking maybe I should have kept some of those miscellaneous playthings since I now have been blessed with great grandchildren. Well, as the saying goes “it is what it is.”

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