How to avoid distracted driving 

Driving is an activity which requires concentration and focus, having none of these two elements active will lead to extreme dangerous accident for you and another motorist or pedestrian on the road. Here are some tips from towing experts and drivers that you should remember when you are driving. 

distracted driving

Avoid using your phone while driving 

Mobile phones make our life easier but using your phone while driving will tent to lose your focus on the road and make your driving difficult so you should avoid texting or having a call. Even using navigational applications and especially reading a message or browsing the net. When you have an important call or message, do it before you drive to ensure that you will be focused on the road making sure you are driving safely. Navigational application on your phone would come in handy and it is also a necessity in driving unfamiliar place and not getting lost but these applications will require you to tap or touch your device. It is better that you have your direction before driving for this will not only make your navigation faster when you know the directions of where you are going before you go than operating it on the road.  

Pull over when needed 

If you are in the middle of the road and suddenly received a message of phone call, you have to pull over somewhere safe before answering. Even if you are using headsets or any hands-free devices, talking or typing could tent to lose your focus while driving even your hands is on the wheel. Multitasking is great but not in driving and doing other stuff for it could possibly lose your focus on the vehicle in front and on side of you. If you are not familiar with the streets and you want to use your navigational applications on your mobile phone, pull over. This will be able you to concentrate on the navigation directions and most especially safer for you. Don’t be tempted using your phone even on the stop signal or a red light, this will only make you not noticing the changing of light or might not notice a pedestrian on the go signal. 

Don’t adjust the music 

It could be awesome listening to your favorite music while driving but you should keep your volume as low as possible for you to hear everything around you. Changing disk or your station could lose your focus and even a split second of not looking on the road when changing the station or music could result to an accident. You might not notice the car that is slowing down on the intersection in front of you or might not seeing the pedestrian on the blink curve walking on the side of the road. 

Don’t eat or primp 

There will come a time that you might be late for work and you will have something for you to bring like a snack that you will be tempted to eat while you drive but you should avoid it. Also avoid doing anything like brushing your hair or putting your make up. These things are dangerous if you are doing it inside your car while driving. 

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