Reasons why you are to never tow your own car 

There are many individuals are thinking that they could tow their own cars easily and simply just attaching the hauling tow ball hitch into it. This is foolish and dangerous for it could damage your car severely and not only damaging your car, there are lots of reasons why towing your own car is not a good idea from the expert towing service technicians if your car is broken down. 


Improper towing rating 

The amount of weight that a certain vehicle can pull without being damaged is called towing rating. If you are not aware of how much the towing weight capacity could damage your car because of overloading. Many possible damages could occur like exhausted transmission, failure of brakes or it might be a suspension damage or explosion of tires. This is the reason why you should need a licensed towing company to perform towing services for you. 

Improper tongue weight levels 

Tongue weight is the towing vehicle weight that is supported by the tow ball. This could affect to the steering of the vehicle. If you are having much tongue weight, you could have issues on your steering on our vehicle and if you are having too much tongue weight, there’s a possibility that your vehicle would sway when you are driving that could cause accidents. Towing requires proper balance so you should no attempt it unless you are very sure that the tongue is at perfect level. 

Improper tow bars 

One of the necessary equipment is the tow bar and every one of them has its own rating. While many vehicles are using the same tow bars, it is very necessary that you should use the one that is appropriate for your vehicle. If you are not aware and have used the wrong type of tow bar for your vehicle, this could endanger you and other drivers and pedestrian around you and also could damage your vehicle. 

May not follow towing regulations 

Each and every state has its own towing regulations and laws. Most state is strict on towing using chains and tail lights while others require the use of special rear view options and side mirrors and also has mandated a specific maximum weight for towing the certain type of vehicles. Due to unawareness, amateur tend to break the rules. When attempting to tow on your own, you are not only risking illegal issues and damage to your vehicle but also you are risking safety issues of other drivers and pedestrians around you. 

Improper braking system 

There are additional momentums in towing vehicles if they are lugging into another vehicle which makes the vehicle that is towing has a harder work for its braking system and has a chance of the brakes to be less successful. This makes the slowing down of the vehicle takes much longer this is why in certain States, there are mandates that a towing vehicle must add special braking system depending of the towing vehicle capacity. Amateur towing attempts may ignore this because maybe of unawareness and this could lead to potential risky towing operation not only for you but also for the people around you including the damage of properties. This is the reason why you should leave towing operations to professionals who are skilled and experienced in the service. 


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