FCBD® Sister studio: Maho Tribal Belly dance
Maho is a passionate and dedicated tribal belly dancer and teacher based in London.  
Her natural passion for dance led her into the belly dance world in 2003. In 2007 when she visited San Francisco, she first laid eyes on American Tribal style® danced by Fat Chance Belly Dance®, which was the moment that she decided to become an ATS® dancer. 
For many years she has been learning from many teachers but she truly believes that her most influential teacher is her sister Kae Montgomery, who is a principal dancer of Fat Chance Belly Dance® as well as Carolena Nericcio the director of FCBD®. 
In 2012 she returned to San Francisco and received her teacher training and now she has attained ATS® teacher certification and FCBD® sister studio status.
Maho runs her school "Maho tribal belly dance" in Chiswick London and performs in various events, parties and private gigs as well as being often hosted to big belly dance events in the UK and overseas. 
Maho with FCBD Logo


                             Maho Performance in Venezuela

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